Sounding hoarse, croaky or husky? Uncomfortable or strained throat? Tired voice? Losing high notes or struggling to project? Throat clearing regularly?

If any of the above apply to you it may be comforting to know that these are very very common complaints. That said, you do not have to continue experiencing these symptoms, and it is worth fixing any voice problem before it gets nastier.

I help patients pre and post-operatively, with recovery, maintenance and to prevent recurrence of voice problems including: • soft vocal fold nodules • muscle tension dysphonia • posterior glottal gap • oedema • psychogenic voice loss • vocal fatigue • vocal abuse styles.

I work with adults and children. I have trained in the area of child and adolescent voice change. I fully understand the biological and emotional complexities of voice change.

I am not a speech therapist & I don’t work in a clinical setting. I recommend that clients presenting with voice problems also seek medical advice & referral to a voice clinic for laryngoscopic examination. I work alongside laryngologists and speech therapists, and I have the advantage of fully understanding both the singing voice, as well as performance and music industry expectations.