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The singing lesson | Fran Montignani Rees, MSc

Why are you here, at my website? I wonder. Maybe you sing at home, it makes you feel good, and you would like to explore it further. Perhaps you are a professional singer who is looking for some expert help and advice (you are a vocal athlete after all). Or, it’s possible you have a burning desire to sing, but don’t like your voice. Maybe you suffer from a voice problem, such as unexplained huskiness or voice loss (see list of voice disorders I commonly work with). These are just a few of the reasons why people come to me, and they are all perfectly good reasons.

Whether your second home is the stage, or you have never sung in front of a single soul, technical voice work can seem daunting. It’s my job to make you feel comfortable enough to work to your full potential. I diagnose quickly, and we work together to form suitable goals. Vocal exercises, techniques and my teaching approach are tailored to you.

I have a grounded knowledge and secure understanding of: • vocal anatomy and physiology • the developing voice (children, adolescents and into adults) • posture • breathing • voice qualities • singing styles • vocal effects • vocal health • voice disorders • song interpretation (emotion, story & style) • performance • session singing • auditions.